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I Don't Want to Talk, a play written and directed in collaboration with Connie Butler. First performed as part of I broke the ice and I found a bread at Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm, in November 2016.

The cast for the first performance was:

Benny — Jan Verwoert

Bjorn — Bernd Krauss

Agnetha — Anni Puolakka

Frida — Ash Kilmartin

Sound by Viktor Timofeev

Video documentation by Eothen Stearn

A radio play version was later performed on Two Yeahs radio as part of the Piet Zwart Institute open day. The cast for this version was:

Benny — Kieran Clayton Milne

Bjorn — Bernd Krauss

Agnetha — Angelica Falkeling

Frida — Ash Kilmartin

Technical difficulties necessitated a live a capella performance of the outro music. Photo by Tor Jonsson.